Top 6 Best Portable Bidets for Travel

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Once you invest in a bidet in your home, it is hard to go back to toilet paper. And I did not realize it would be a problem until I travelled to a place where I could not access either toilet paper or bidet. That day, I began my quest for a reliable solution, and discovered a portable bidet. A travel bidet is so much better than carrying toilet paper. If I have to pick the best portable bidet, it would be the Blaux portable bidet. It is lightweight to carry and does a great job than toilet paper at cleaning. But I did test many travel bidets before Blaux became my favorite.

When choosing the right portable bidet option for you, it’s a good idea to consider the following aspects:

  • Size – Some travel bidets are bigger than others. If you’re limited on packing space or want a more discreet option, you may want to look at the more compact bidet options.
  • Price – Portable bidet quality ranges from two-piece, plastic devices all the way up to button-operated electronic options. This change in quality obviously comes with a difference in the price you pay.
  • Manual or Electric – Manual bidets require you to squeeze the water tank to generate water flow, while electronic options have a button(s) to provide you with a more relaxed and effortless cleaning experience.
  • Nozzle Length – You may want to consider the length of the nozzle if you have limited flexibility or particularly short arms. Some models are designed with extra-long nozzles to ensure you can cover every inch you need to.

And here is my list of top portable bidets that you can try next time you travel, especially to a remote location. 

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Here’s Why Blaux Bidet is the #1 Choice

I never thought that I would be raving about Blaux Portable Bidet and write a review about it. There is no comparison to the cleaning and hygiene that bidets offer. Every year more and more people are investing in bidet and realizing it effectively. Other than being gentler and more hygienic than conventional wiping solutions, bidets are far more convenient than other solutions. 

Not every destination that you travel may offer a bidet facility. But thanks to travel bidets like Blaux, give you the perfect solution. And here are some reasons why I absolutely recommend Blaux Bidet. 

It Is Eco-Friendly

The use of toilet paper is not only harsher for your sensitive skin, but it is also bad for our environment. And with Blaux bidet, you can completely eliminate the need to use toilet paper. It has amazing stream power that allows you to clean your rear properly. 

The Strong Design Means The Bidet Will Last You For Many Years

Blaux bidet is manufactured using professional-grade plastic/metal composite, so you can be certain of the durability. You can feel the quality of the product when you hold it. According to the manufacturer’s claim, the bidet will last you a minimum of three to four years. 

Long-Lasting Performance With Single Charge

One of the issues that I face with many portable bidets that run on the battery is the limited performance. But the long-lasting performance by Blaux left me impressed. The product comes with quick US charging, which gives you 100 uses with a single charge. So most of the time, the mini bidet is always ready to operate. 

It is Perfect For Travelling

This slim and sustainable cleaning solution offers eco-conscious cleaning wherever you go. Whether travelling to international destinations or camping, you can clean yourself naturally with a strong yet gentle jet stream of water. It is a smart decision for both your wallet and your environment. 

Easy to Use

One of the main reasons that I like Blaux bidet is because of the ease of use it provides. The manufacturer has designed it with the user’s comfort in mind. All you have to do is fill the reservoir with water, adjust the nozzle and clean yourself. You do not need someone’s assistance to set this up. The bidet is ready to use right out of the box.

Best To Keep Yourself Hygienic

Cleaning your rear with water is much more effective than using toilet paper. This is the fact that the world is slowly realizing. And Blaux portable bidet is perfect for properly cleaning your rear without leaving a trace behind. This cleaning gun is perfect for your home or travel use and maintains hygiene.


I am glad to see that bidets are slowly getting the importance that they deserve. It is high time we make smarter and more eco-friendly decisions. Like me, there are many people around the world who will never go back to toilet paper. And portable bidets like Blaux bidet have further made it easier for me to never go back to my old habit. If you are looking for a good portable bidet, I would recommend Blaux. I hope my review helped you make an informed decision. 

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