Top 5 Best Ring Lights for Streaming, Selfies, Youtube & Zoom

Updated: July 27th, 2021

It is often said that the camera doesn’t lie. Whether you are giving a job interview over video or taking a selfie in the elevator, the camera exposes all the blemishes on your face.

Finding the right brightness settings is the greatest challenge. Using direct light like a bulb or lamp creates deep shadows and makes you look scary. And if you are standing under sunlight, there is a chance of exposing yourself too much. On the other hand a dim setting is bad for your image. 

A portable ring light can help you overcome these challenges. You can always go for a professional full-scale ring light, but why spend extra when all you have to do is look good on a video call or selfie? 

What you can do is invest in an affordable portable ring light that you can clamp on your phone or laptop and create the perfect lighting.  In today’s article, I list down the best ring lights you can buy in 2021 after weeks of research and testing.  

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